Game meat from Russia

Our company is engaged in production and deliveries of wild meat and fish since 2010. Our products are in demand in many restaurants of Moscow and the Moscow region such as "Russian Hunting", "Game", "Wild boar", etc. We carefully select products from twelve suppliers which quality is checked by years and the best cooks of the most famous restaurants.

Even the naturalness of now fashionable farm products does not go to any comparison with the real game, which grows in nature without any human intervention in its reproduction and feeding.. The highest quality and naturalness of products is guaranteed by the fact that the game is not found in places with bad ecology and is hunted far from the places of civilization. Human influence on the organic nature of our products is minimal.
We only carry out the final veterinary control and quality control, completely without interfering with natural processes.
Our production has all veterinary certificats.

We regularly provide tests of our products to fully control the quality of goods from the range of our store.
Our production complies with the HACCP quality system.