Bear fat

Bear fat is a remedy for non-traditional medicine that will help you for prevention and treatment of different diseases. In our shop you can buy bottles of bear fat for a good price. We sell pure remedy from Altai region.

Why is bear fat healthy?

This remedy contains vitamins A, E, antioxidants and omega-3. You can apply it to your skin in addition to your cream or take it inside. There are some advantages of this supplement:

  • It improves your immune system which is actual in winter and autumn, during epidemics.
  • Bear fat prevents the skin dryness and makes it smooth and attractive.
  • Bear fat eases joint pain and removes inflammation.
  • This remedy helps you to recover after diseases and injuries, it makes you stronger and more energetic.
  • You can use it if you have different digestive problems.
  • The fat is good for prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

How to use bear fat?

Take a couple of tea spoons per day with milk or warm tea. You can apply it to your skin several times per day. Keep the remedy in the fridge and warm it up in your hands before applying.

Call or write us to buy pure bear fat with the fast delivery. If you have some questions, we will answer them.

Bear fat (250 ml)

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17.03 usd. per 1 Pcs. (wholesale from 6 Pcs.)
19.01 usd. per 1 Pcs. (retail)
Package: 250 ml

Bear fat (100 ml)

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15.13 usd. per 1 Pcs. (wholesale from 6 Pcs.)
16.87 usd. per 1 Pcs. (retail)
Package: 100 ml

Bear fat (fat)

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9.51 usd. per 1 Kg. (wholesale from 11 Kg.)
11.33 usd. per 1 Kg. (retail)
Package: 1 kg