Groundhog fat

Groundhog fat has a lot of vitamins, fatty acids and microelements. We offer you to buy this fat in bottles and plastic cans. It’s a natural remedy without any artificial components. Marmot fat is healthy both for adults and children.

The advantages of marmot fat

  • It softens dry skin and prevents sunburns.
  • The remedy helps to heal burns and wounds, removes some symptoms of dermatological diseases.
  • Groundhog fat improves your immune system and makes your body stronger and more resilient to different infections.
  • The remedy reduces cholesterol which is good for your blood vessels.
  • Fatty acids are healthy for female reproductive system.

How to take marmot fat?

Take 2 teaspoons inside every day with some milk or tea. Also you can apply it to your skin if you have dryness, irritation or joint pain. Don’t use groundhog fat if you are allergic or have serious diseases of digestive system.

Call our shop to buy pure groundhog fat. You can consult with our managers about its advantages and possible side effects. We provide fast delivery to your city.

Groundhog fat 250 ml

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30.08 usd. per 1 Pcs. (wholesale from 11 Pcs.)
32 usd. per 1 Pcs. (retail)
Package: 250 ml

Groundhog fat 200

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31 usd. per 1 Pcs. (retail)
Package: 200 g

Groundhog fat 100

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18 usd. per 1 Pcs. (retail)
Package: 100 g